“Club Zentral Europa“ is an organisation uniting people from different countries, mainly from the central- eastern regions of Europe.
The Headquarter is in Vienna but there are meetings, events, etc. in different countries.
The aim of our organisation is to offer a platform for intercultural communication, creative activities,cross border connections for private & business purposes.
As the headquarter of “Club Zentral Europa” is in Vienna, German is the official language of this webpage.
For a better understanding some of the links are in English but we also offer you general information in English, Hungarian, Romanian & Slovakian, just click the links with the flag on the home.
A very important part of good communication is the language, so we put special attention on it.
We have very well experienced language teachers & translators in our team. Next to German & English they are able to use most of the eastern European languages.
We put an emphasise on the exchange of art & culture and social projects. For this purpose we organise shows & exhibitions with international artists in Austria but also give Austrian artists a chance in our neighbouring countries.
It is one of our main aims to offer contact possibilities in the creative – artistic, private and also business fields, help people get information about Austria and the central European countries, photo reports, documentations etc.
If you are interested to get a member or in putting advertisement on our website,
feel free to contact us by Mail.

Here you find a description of the different links on this webpage in your language:

 About us a short overview of the webpage and a description of our aims & goals
 Art & Culture here we present national & international artists from different areas
 Language Groups information about translation services and language courses for individual studies or small groups
 Austria Info important information about Austrian companies, tourism information, restaurants, events etc.
 International Info information about the central-eastern countries, companies, events, tourism information etc.
 Vienna City Info Useful Links to the city of Vienna, Embassies, Organisations that help in Imigration, etc.
 Events here you find announcements of events organised by “Club Zentral Europa” or its members
 Galerie in the gallery you find photos from our events, photo reports, documentations, etc.
 Bannerlinks feel free to visit the web pages of our members, friends & sponsors
 Impressum here you find our AGB´s, contact addresses and the people who are leading our organisation.
 Press releases "Club Zentral Europa" in the press
 Forum in our forum you can discuss many different topics regarding the region; it is the link where you can insert your free advertisement, offer, request, job info, buy-sell etc. It is free for everybody.
 Members this area is for members only; you can enter it with a valid password